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  • AI HOLDINGS CORPORATION Securities Code:3076

    The operation of the monitoring equipment system, and the manufacture of computer peripheral equipment such as plotters for business purposes.

  • BIKE O & COMPANY Ltd. Securities Code:3377

    Managing the "Purchasing Motorcycle-Only" Special Shops brings you the new idea of Motorcycle distribution system

  • DOSHISHA CORPORATION Securities Code:7483

    Doshisha is not simply a wholesaler. We are developing an array of entirely new products, marketing solutions and systems through the planning, development, manufacturing, procurement and wholesale of goods to improve the quality of life for all people. Our lineup of distribution services aims to resolve every issue and meet every need of clients across the entire spectrum of distribution processes.

  • HAPPINET CORPORATION Securities Code:7552

    Our core operations serve as an intermediate distributor linking manufacturer and retailer in the distribution of toys and games. We meet the increasingly detailed and diverse needs of customers through a low-cost, high-quality logistical system and by providing timely information and other services. We are also expanding beyond our core focus on toys and games—a domain comprised of images, video games, amusement games, music and e-commerce—and are now moving into the entertainment field. In addition, we are transcending the traditional bounds as an intermediate distributor and entering into general entertainment by developing proprietary image-based content.

  • Industrial Gas Majors Securities Code:

    Why are margins for Japan majors somewhat lower than global peers? Trias Corporation consider here possible growth directions of Japan’s two majors through profitability comparison and examinations of global leaders.

  • Marvelous Inc. Securities Code:7844

    Planning, development, production and sales of online games, consumer game software, and audio-visual content

  • OUTSOURCING Inc. Securities Code:2427

    OUTSOURCING Inc. provides outsourcing services that contribute to productivity improvement and technological innovation of makers by responding to makers’ needs for outsourcing work related to design, development, testing, evaluation and production, providing technology, know-how, etc. In addition, in Japan the Company provides services for US military facilities and convenience stores, recruiting and placing, etc., and through overseas subsidiaries, in addition to manufacturing outsourcing services, provides dispatching services for IT engineers and financial specialists, dispataching and placing business for white collar professionals and agency payroll service, as well as BPO (business process outsourcing) services for public institutions, etc.

  • PALTEK CORPORATION Securities Code:7587

    PALTEK CORPORATION is mainly engaged in sales of semiconductors and related products, contract design/development/manufacture of solutions, and provision of systems.