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  • Denka Company Limited Securities Code:4061

    Denka is a chemicals manufacturer developing business activities on a global scale across a wide range of fields, from inorganic and organic chemicals, to electronic materials and pharmaceuticals.

  • Hodogaya Chemical Co.,Ltd. Securities Code:4112

    Our core competence lies in precision chemistry and includes functional resins, functional pigments, basic chemicals, agro-science and commodity logistics.

  • IMURAYA GROUP Co. Securities Code:2209

    Manufacture and selling of sweets including cold sweets, and food products including ones that need to be warmed. Collateral business, such as restaurants, are also our business enterprise.

  • Lasertec Corporation Securities Code:6920

    Provides onsite support at manufacturing sites to develop and produce products for a variety of industries and research institutions through inspection and calibration systems used in semiconductor- and FPD-related fields based on our proprietary optical technologies applications, the Company's core strength. Given our founding spirit of development and its traditions and evolution, we are striving to drive further forward in technology and product development.

  • MARUBUN CORPORATION Securities Code:7537

    Marubun is a trading company that supplies semiconductors, electronic components and electronic equipment. Marubun offers total solutions on a global scale, from procurement, design and development, system integration to maintenance and training.

  • NS TOOL CO.,LTD. Securities Code:6157

    NS Tool is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of endmill cutting tools attached to machining centers (machine tools) used in metal machining etc.

  • OUTSOURCING Inc. Securities Code:2427

    OUTSOURCING Inc. provides outsourcing services that contribute to productivity improvement and technological innovation of makers by responding to makers’ needs for outsourcing work related to design, development, testing, evaluation and production, providing technology, know-how, etc. In addition, in Japan the Company provides services for US military facilities and convenience stores, recruiting and placing, etc., and through overseas subsidiaries, in addition to manufacturing outsourcing services, provides dispatching services for IT engineers and financial specialists, dispataching and placing business for white collar professionals and agency payroll service, as well as BPO (business process outsourcing) services for public institutions, etc.

  • SHOBIDO Corporation Securities Code:7819

    Our goal is building the global brand SHOBIDO as a global manufacturer pursuing a variety of beauties and values of health.