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What is “LIN: The Flowering of Japanese Economic Renaissance”?

“LIN: The Flowering of Japanese Economic Renaissance” is a new investment research platform in which investors can participate in the support of domestic enterprises committed to sustained success. Based our research concept informed through the theme of “The Flowering of Japanese Economic Renaissance”, LIN aims to introduce domestically listed companies and assess their growth potential from a mid- to long-term perspective in way of supporting the transition to an economic renaissance in Japan. Under the LIN concept, there are four research series:

Amid mounting concerns over the hollowing out of Japan’s manufacturing sector, we focus on domestic makers which are developing new production solutions to compete on a global basis.

While concerns over Japan's aging economy mount, we focus on companies which are spearheading new paths into new markets and facilitating the economic rejuvenation of the nation in the process.

We focus on companies which are developing products and services for existing markets while maintaining Japan’s positive values and traditional strengths based on its longstanding pursuit of sagacity and dedication to quality.

We focus on a new generation of Japanese corporate leaders, who have created enterprises with youthful energy and with refreshing new insights and daring.

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