The LIN Website launched.


We extend our heartfelt sympathies and support to the people whose lives were lost or devastated by the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan and hope for the earliest recovery of the stricken areas.

Trias Corporation has launched the LIN: The Flowering of Japanese Economic Renaissance Website―a new investment platform through which investors can participate in the support of domestic enterprises committed to sustained success. Now more than ever, the time has come for Japan to draw forth its profound reserves of strength and grow even stronger. Based on our research concept that is informed through our website’s theme—that Japan will be entering a new phase of striking economic development, much like the European renaissance transformed the world—LIN aims to introduce domestically listed companies and assess their growth potential from a mid- to long-term perspective in way of supporting the transition to an economic renaissance in Japan.

We welcome your recommendations of companies that meet the parameters of our LIN concept. Your counsel and support for the LIN Website is highly appreciated.